Congratulations to President Biden and Vice President Harris

We at Coelifluus would like to express our gratitude to the Lord for fulfilling the promises made in Sacred Scripture of protecting the poor by choosing as instruments of His Divine Providence President Joseph R. Biden and to Vice President Kamala D. Harris. We congratulate President Joseph R. Biden and Vice President Kamala D. Harris on this very joyous day and humbly ask our readers to join us in praying for them and for our great nation.

Regarding Apostolic Letter issued “motu proprio” by Pope Francis “Traditionis custodes”

Our Good Shepherd

The various reactions from so-called traditionalists to the Pope’s recent legislative reforms, regarding the use of the liturgical books prior to the reforms of Vatican II, prove the necessity and soundness of such measures. In the United States, due to the increasing radicalization of political conservatives and the increasing politicization of religious matters, it was no secret that devotion to the Latin Mass became synonymous with ultra-conservative elements that tend to oscillate between martyrological complexes/fantasies of persecution or extreme militant bravado. (Remember the foolish and nonsensical meme of Trump holding a paper that proclaimed “Amoris laetitia” to be abrogated?)

Pope Benedict XVI could not have foreseen the disastrous political schisms that would be brought about by the weaponization of liturgical antiquities. To speak frankly about the situation in America, the traditionalists’ fetishizing of Trump-like politics has cost them their precious rites. In many ways, these people did this to themselves, especially when nothing was done to assuage fears that a “Q-Anon church” was the reality of various Latin Mass communities in America, particularly in light of a worldwide pandemic that necessitated solidarity with and docility to scientific authorities (but saving lives with sound medicine was not as important as gaining clout at those political discussions after Mass, huh?).

Pope Francis had the duty to remedy the situation. Many are grateful that the end has come of the politic of coddling traditionalists who only incite ideological violence and discord, parading the engineering of fascist para-malitias as “spiritual growth.”

Speaking personally, there was never a subversive intention behind the various features of this website presenting the old liturgies. It was for practical and educational purposes that these resources are here. The reasons that compelled the Pope to issue his recent legislative reforms are the reasons why I am not involved with any “traditionalist” organization or showcase links to websites or services with similar ideological sympathies. Similar reasons also forbid any monitezation of this website.

Having crucified Jesus in those whom He called the “least of my brethren” with hideously oppressive politics, American traditionalists have no one but themselves to blame for the end of their “gravy train.” Yet, Pope Francis will share the troubles of Jeremiah, being condemned and excoriated for following the will of God; because people never learn…