The Epistle Lesson for the 23rd Sunday after Pentecost: Notes and Moral Reflections

Conversio S. Pauli epistle-23rd-s-af-p-1 epistle-23rd-s-af-p-2 epistle-23rd-s-af-p-3 epistle-23rd-s-af-p-4 epistle-23rd-s-af-p-5 epistle-23rd-s-af-p-6 epistle-23rd-s-af-p-7 epistle-23rd-s-af-p-8 epistle-23rd-s-af-p-9 epistle-23rd-s-af-p-10 epistle-23rd-s-af-p-11 epistle-23rd-s-af-p-12

* Taken from Rev. Father Cornelius  J. Ryan’s The Epistles of the Sundays and Festivals with an Introduction, Notes and Moral Reflections (Vol. II; Dublin: M. H. Gill and Son, Ltd., 1932).