Notice from the administrator of this blog

Hello everyone: Due to certain medical issues that are menacing him, there may come a time when the administrator of this blog will have to discontinue posting. It could be days, weeks, fortnights, months, years, &c., but the matter is serious enough to warrant this notice. Until that time arrives, it shall be the endeavor of this blog to offer to readers rare and excellent materials regarding the Catholic faith, all without monetary profit or compensation to the administrator.

Thank you and God bless.

Liber I Paralipomenon


3 thoughts on “Notice from the administrator of this blog

  1. Please know that all of your work is greatly appreciated, and that you will be in my prayers! May God reward you for all of the good that you have done for the greater glory of His Name.

    – Kevin

  2. Thank you very much! Please be assured of my prayers for you and yours, especially throughout this coming Lenten Season.

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