Gospel of the Holy Name

Nomen Jesu Gospel of the Holy Name 1 Gospel of the Holy Name 2

* Taken from Carmelite Devotions and Prayers for Special Feasts of the Liturgical Year, compiled by a Carmelite Tertiary (Milwaukee, WI: The Bruce Publishing Company, 1956).


2 thoughts on “Gospel of the Holy Name

  1. Thank you very much for having introduced me to this beautiful sacramental! I am very flattered that you used the Little Gospel that I made!

  2. Hello: I thought the image of the Little Gospel has been originally published long ago, when Holy Cards were beautifully designed and printed. You did beautiful work in designing it, I honestly did not think that it could have been an original creation.

    If you have a problem with me in having used your work without seeking appropriate permission, I could take it down and I would understand.

    To everyone out there: if you perceive that I have used an original work of yours and wish me to take it down, please inform me by commenting on the post in question.

    I strive to present images from long ago, in our rich Catholic heritage of art, and I do not intend in any way to impugn the rights of authors of original designs.

    God bless you Thánh and God bless everyone who reads this blog.

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