Litany of Reparation to Jesus-Hostia

Litany of Reparation to Jesus-Hostia 1 Litany of Reparation to Jesus-Hostia 2

* Taken from Kyrie Eleison: Two Hundred Litanies with Historico-Liturgical Introduction and Notes by Rev. Fr. Benjamin Francis Musser, O.F.M. (Westminster, MD: The Newman Bookshop, 1944).


2 thoughts on “Litany of Reparation to Jesus-Hostia

  1. It refers to the tepidity of Christians who fail to keep the Holy Day of the Lord with the fervor and piety that becomes the Sacred Mysteries of the Altar, who behave not as sheep of the Good Shepherd but as those goats whom the Lord shall reprobate (Mt. 25:32,33). At least this is what I understand from the context of the text.

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